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I dont even know wtf was going on, but i now want my very own latex forhead strap on

I atually enjoyed this, don't see the comedy, but it was very very enjoyable to watch. And death was quite funny.
Though I can't tell where my song was or even if you used it, but still worth the watch :)

Twisted4000 responds:

Your song was used at the part where it turns midnight and Death gets up to tell Aaron it's his time. I really liked it!

I got feels from this and no clue why

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Came ot shaving the chest, spent a good few minutes trying to shave the nipples because why not 4/5

Couldn't wait to see my name there :3

deathink responds:


i like

but you need to work o nthe jumping system, so many clicks for suck a small jump is annoying. needs be biger

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I have to agree with ev there, good song not so much for dance,I will say later in the song you need a stronger lead, the "static" or noise kinda drowns it out a bit, while good for the song as it is n9w, for a dance, always need a strong lead. I would of guessed more trance style here, but I don't even know how to catigorize my own stuff.

Unity-Paradox responds:

Heh, I have a hard time categorizing my own stuff, too XD
As for the rest, I agree. I really should've made a more powerful lead. I just figured that with it being a chill song, a more chill lead would've been acceptable, but I guess not =P

This needed to be sooo much longer

When bass gets to high you get a buzz, and you can hear it alot in this track, not bad but gotta remember always, always play with the volume when making a new track. Had the same problem when i started. Any who you left a comment on a song of mine few years back, thought i would return the favor. Better late then never.

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any one get the fealign this reminds you of mpd physco? the manga?
it does... a lot

OMG Its floating :o

what mystiers are surround this pole that floats in the middle of nothign that is just there doing nothing atached to nothing :o
(i know its a sword >.>)

treanyo responds:

kinda good if you ask me...
this is what happens after my first artrage HOUR

weird part is

i know what this is called................. futanari >.>

I'm Nothins. Welcome to what ever this is... I guess

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