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Nice lil tid bit of tinfo

2013-04-05 00:41:39 by Nothins

My song Mello dramatic from 2012, was heard in Dual Force
Was a nice little surprise when I opened it this morning to listen to it for a bit. I was beginning to think he wasn't going to use the song. I'm glad he did though, it didn't sound half bad. Still, being a musician who uses loops has its draw backs. Sad to say I probs wont get much better then I am. But, even the few comments and additions into other peoples works, is very very nice. And honestly I dont think i should of been included in even one. Glad I am.
So here is to hoping this year i can get another song into a flash by some much mor talented ass hat. True love /b/ros
That being said, I might be on the interviewer here on newgrounds. Stay tuned.


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